Don’t ignore the air filter element of the engine. Many cars burn the oil prematurely because of the air filter element.

2021-07-22 14:42:21 浙江海德曼过滤技术有限公司 Viewd 672

For the same model of the same age, some of its engines will not burn oil after running for hundreds of thousands of kilometers, while others start to burn oil after less than 100,000 kilometers. For this phenomenon, many friends may think It's easy to explain, it's nothing more than the quality of the oil used in ordinary times or the maintenance is not timely, but if you think this way, it can only be regarded as half right. In fact, in addition to the oil, there is another aspect in the maintenance of our vehicles. Pay special attention.

That is the air filter of our car. Many friends also know him. It seems to be a very ordinary small accessory. Although it is only a few dozen dollars to change one in the repair shop, we can’t just because it is cheaper. I think it’s not important. Some friends even change the oil twice and run tens of thousands of kilometers without changing the air filter element. Very important, everyone knows that the necessary condition for the engine to do work is to form a mixture of combustion. To put it simply, air and fuel are mixed and then ignited and burned by a spark plug. Therefore, the less impurities enter the combustion chamber of the engine, the state of the engine It will be better, but if you don’t change the air filter for a long time, a lot of dust and sand will be sucked into the combustion chamber from the intake manifold. Over time, not only carbon deposits are easily generated, but the cylinder liner is also easily strained. And the valve finally caused the engine to burn the oil prematurely.

Therefore, it is recommended that you try not to save this money when maintaining your car. If you feel that it is too expensive to change at a 4s shop or repair shop, you can also buy it online and change it manually. Normal models are very simple, and some cars only have the air filter removed. There are several buckles. They can be removed by opening the upper cover of the air filter and lifting them. Some cars are fixed with a few screws, which is not troublesome, but be careful not to install them upside down, otherwise it will cause it. The filtering effect even affects the power of the engine.

In terms of quality, everyone should also look at it. Don’t just try to be cheap, because many small-brand air filters are processed on behalf of others. They only pursue profit and don’t care about quality. The filter paper used is not as effective as the filter paper. Even the size is not regular and inappropriate. After you install it on the car, it is full of gaps, and the seal is not tight at all. For a long time with this kind of filter element, it is certain that the engine may burn oil after a short period of time, so the damage is also very serious. big.

Check the quality of the filter element. Don’t think about it too complicated. For example, some online teach you to use iodophor to apply filter paper to see if the color is black or not, and some use heavy objects to see if it becomes deformed. The method, in fact, according to my experience in repairing cars for so many years, it doesn’t have to be that complicated at all. Just look at the overall workmanship of this filter element. But for inferior filter elements, the rubber-bonded edges of it are all glued. It is very rough and not regular at all, and some even the glue has flowed onto the filter paper, and you can judge by looking at the filter element you replaced last time. If there has been obvious suction and pressure deformation, it must be the filter element. If the quality is not good, don't use this brand anymore. It's not too late to change the brand quickly.