Regular maintenance of the main components, filter elements, lubricating oil, fuel injectors, filters...

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1. Maintenance of the air filter

Frequently check whether the air filter joints are well sealed. If the nuts, bolts, clamping rings, etc. are loose, they must be fastened in time. If the parts are damaged, they must be repaired or replaced in time.

It is generally required that the air filter should be maintained every 100 hours of work. When the dry-type filter paper filter element is maintained, clean it with a soft brush, and then use 0.4-0.6MPa compressed air to blow the filter screen, oil storage pan, center tube and other parts from the inside of the filter element. Dry the filter first and spray a little oil before assembling. The oil storage pan should be replaced with filtered oil. When adding engine oil, it should be filled according to the oil level mark, and the oil level should not be too high or too low. When installing, ensure that the sealing rubber ring is well sealed.

2. Valve maintenance

The tractor should check and adjust the valve clearance after 800 hours of operation, and remove the carbon deposits; after 1200 hours of operation, check the sealing of the valve and seat, and grind or replace with new parts if necessary.

3. Maintenance of diesel filter

The impurities in the filter will continue to increase with the extension of the use time, and the filtering capacity will decrease; the aging and damage of other parts such as gaskets will cause "short circuit", that is, the diesel will directly enter the oil pump without being filtered. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out maintenance and pay attention to the following points:

(1) The section and center of the filter element should be well sealed. (2) When maintaining the paper filter element, you can soak it in diesel for a period of time, and then scrub it with a soft brush. An air cylinder can also be used to pump air into the filter element and blow dirt from the inside to the outside.

(3) After the filter is disassembled and assembled, exhaust the air in it.

4. Maintenance of the fuel injector

Generally, the fuel injection pressure and fuel injection quality of the fuel injector should be checked and adjusted after the tractor has been running for 800 hours.

5. Maintenance of lubrication system

(1) Add lubricating oil in time, and check the oil level of the oil pan before starting the diesel engine or continuously working for more than 10 hours.

(2) Regularly clean the lubricating oil filter and replace the filter element.

(3) Regularly replace the oil pan lubricating oil, according to the actual situation and the quality of the oil, it can be appropriately advanced or postponed.

(4) Clean the oil circuit. The oil circuit should be cleaned when the diesel engine works for 500 hours.

(5) Pressure adjustment of lubricating oil circuit. When the diesel engine is working, if it is found that the pressure of the lubricating oil circuit is lower than the normal pressure, the cause should be investigated. If the pressure regulating spring becomes soft, eccentrically worn or broken during use, the oil pressure is reduced, and the spring preload must be adjusted or replaced to restore the normal pressure.