R&D Platform

The company has established a research and development center that focuses on the proposal of filtration technology solutions, the design and manufacture of filtration products. The core technical and management team members of this center have more than ten years of industry experience and rich theoretical and practical experience. Condensed and internally cultivated a professional team with rich experience in the field of filter design and manufacturing. At present, there are more than 20 professional teams in basic research, design and application, process manufacturing, and testing.

R&D center team actively innovated and won the Jiaxing municipal R&D center. At the same time, it has carried out technical personnel exchanges and R&D cooperation with domestic well-known scientific research institutions and universities such as the Internal Combustion Engine Association, the Filter Branch, and South China University of Technology.

R&D center team has professional design and product manufacturing capabilities, and can fully meet the various needs of customers in any filtration technology of construction machinery.

  • R & D laboratory
    R & D laboratory
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    R & D team
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    R & D investment cost

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