On November 28, Moroccan customers visited our company

2023-12-02 15:55:01 Headman Filter Viewd 268

On the morning of November 28, related customers from Morocco came to visit our company. The visiting customer's company is called AJE Distribution Company, which specializes in the distribution of various types of filters. Thanks to its expertise, the company has become one of the leaders in the Moroccan filtration market.

The customer came to our company mainly to inspect the quality of our filter and discuss related cooperation matters. Accompanied by the relevant personnel of our company, the customer visited the production workshop of all kinds of filters, including the air filter workshop, the hydraulic workshop and the rotary filter workshop. In each workshop, the related personnel of the technical and business department introduced the product process in detail for customers. They highly appreciated the quality of our filters.

After the factory visit, the customer had an in-depth discussion with the senior leaders of our company, the president Mr. Guo  and manager Mr. Lu. The customer once again expressed a high degree of affirmation on the quality of our products and expressed the hope to reach cooperation with us.  We also emphasized that we are vigorously expanding the filter foreign market, and hope to cooperate with more countries.

The visit of Moroccan customers is another incentive for our company. We will definitely control the product quality more strictly to ensure the excellent quality of each filter. We also look forward to early cooperation with the visiting Moroccan customers!