On November 9, Korea Hyundai Company visited Headman company and reached global cooperation

2023-11-16 13:25:56 Headman Filter Viewd 328

On November 9, the relevant personnel of Hyundai Company in South Korea visited our company and reached a global cooperation with our company.

On the morning of the 9th, the guests visited the production workshop of all kinds of filter products accompanied by the relevant leaders of our company. The relevant personnel of the technical department introduced the various production steps of the products in detail for the guests, so that customers can intuitively see our professionalism and the excellent quality of the products. After the visit to the factory, the customer and our company in the conference room to discussed the relevant cooperation matters. In the meeting, the general manager of our company, Mr. Lu reviewed the development of cooperation with modern company in recent years. The company's strength, development planning, product sales and typical cooperation customers were detailed exchanges, and he said that later will be more strict control of product quality, strengthen the cooperation between the two sides. Minister Wu, director of the Technology Department of our company, introduced our newly developed product categories and the later R&D direction to the customer. The customer also said that this purpose of coming to our company is mainly to inspect the quality of filter products and ensure that the quality of each product meets their own quality control requirements. Finally, the customer and our company conducted an in-depth discussion on the future cooperation between the two parties, and reached a cooperation intention.

The visit of foreign customers not only strengthened the exchange between our company and foreign customers, but also laid a solid foundation for the internationalization of our products. In the future, we will always adhere to high-quality products, actively expand market share, and constantly improve and develop!