Hydraulic Filter Cart RP9246

We, Headman Filter, are a professional manufacturer specialized in producing hydraulic filter carts. Our product model is RP9246, and our hydraulic filter carts utilize the world's most advanced filtration technology. 

Our equipment effectively removes particles, contaminants, and impurities, ensuring stable engine operation. It is suitable for mining vehicles, agricultural vehicles, trucks, and commercial vehicles. 

Whether you are a repair shop or an OEM, if you are interested in our products, we can provide you with more information and cater to your customization needs. Please contact us promptly!

Additional Information

Product ModelOriginal ModelFiltration EfficiencyOriginal ResistanceDust Holding Capacity
RP9246B222100000233 EF-05810μm,Filtration Efficiency≥99.5%≤75kpa133g/m²