Oil Filter Manufacturers In China RJ634X

Headman Filter is an oil filter manufacturer specializing in producing high-quality oil filter products. We manufacture oil filters for various vehicles and heavy machinery, offering a wide range of replacement options. Our filters are known for their excellent quality and performance, effectively removing particles, contaminants, and impurities from the filtered oil to ensure reliable engine protection. 

Our products meet international certifications such as TUV/16949. We are sincerely looking forward to collaborating with you. Whether you are a wholesaler or a supplier, please feel free to contact us if you find our products impressive.

Additional Information

Product ModelOriginal ModelFiltration EfficiencyOriginal ResistanceDust Holding Capacity
RJ634XP553771 LF368725μm,Filtration Efficiency≥98.7%≤30Kpa186g/m²