Tractor Air Filter Cleaner RK806AB1

The Tractor Air Filter Cleaner RK806AB1 is a cleaning agent specifically designed for tractor air filters. It is engineered to thoroughly clean and restore the performance of tractor air filters. The RK806AB1 cleaner effectively removes accumulated dirt, dust, and other particles from the filter element, allowing the air filter to function at its best.

By using the Tractor Air Filter Cleaner RK806AB1, you can extend the lifespan of your air filter while improving engine performance and fuel efficiency. It is a convenient and easy-to-use product that helps maintain the cleanliness of your tractor's air filter and ensures its proper functioning.

We offer wholesale and retail options, and we invite you to choose the Tractor Air Filter Cleaner RK806AB1 for top-notch cleaning and performance of your tractor air filter!

Additional Information

Product ModelOriginal ModelFiltration EfficiencyOriginal ResistanceDust Holding Capacity
RK806AB1P182046/P1193732-3μm,Filtration Efficiency≥99.7%≤2.5Kpa180-190g/m²